5821 – 11x8mm Swarovski Pear Shaped Pearl – Rosaline


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This is the Swarovski 5821 Pear Shaped Pearl. The shape is a little more round and less tapered than a teardrop.These pear or tear drop shaped pearl with a hole drilled all the way through the center (top to bottom).These SWAROVSKI Crystal Pearls are made of a unique crystal core. These pearls possess a flawless, silky and smooth surface.These pearls can be threaded onto jewelry wire, thread or cord for making bracelets, necklaces and other items of jewelry. They look amazing when combined with other crystal pearl, Swarovski beads or pendants.

  • Style #: 5821
  • Material: Swarovski Austrian Crystal Pearl
  • Measurements: 11mm Long, 8mm Wide
  • Hole Size: Hole is drilled all the way through the length of the bead. Hole is approximately 0.7mm.
  • Shape: Tear Drop Shaped Bead


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