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Beading Supplies Online at Crystal Findings – Unearth Something New and Exciting!

Bored with the same old jewelry making fare? Uncover something new at Crystal Findings. Our amazing selection of beading supplies will open your eyes to new avenues in jewelry design…

Excellent Service, Superior Products, and Fast Shipping

Crystal Findings is your one stop shop for wholesale beads and findings. We offer excellent, superior quality, products at competitive prices. Our product line consists of beads, findings, and jewelry making tools to fit all of your crafting needs.Because of our widespread assortment of crystal pearls, crystal pendantsSwarovski crystal beadsgold-filled componentssterling silver componentsBali silver beads, beading wire, flat back rhinestones, alphabet beads, gold filled charms, Swarovski crystal pendants, ready made necklaces, readymade earrings, readymade rings, and readymade bracelets, we have been a one stop shop for thousands of customers.

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A Wide Assortment of Beading Supplies, from the Stunning to the Fun

Crystal Findings has one of the largest collections of wholesale beading supplies in the USA, carrying tens-of-thousands of styles of only the finest quality bead and jewelry supplies at affordable prices, including:

Gold-Filled Beads: X% solid gold by weight, our fine quality gold-filled beads add lasting sparkle to any design.
Sterling Silver Beads: Fine quality .925 sterling silver beads and Bali beads, carefully crafted without seams to help you achieve high-end results.
Swarovski Crystal Pendants: Crystal clear, offering unrivaled color and dazzling light reflection, our genuine Swarovski crystal pendants are the perfect centerpiece for any design.
Swarovski Crystal Beads: Shimmering, multifaceted Swarovski crystal beads are beautiful alone, adding sparkle and flair to any design – or when used flanking pendants.
Alphabet Beads: Say it with beads in a dazzling array of metals, colors, shapes, and styles!
Dice Beads: Roll with it!
Cat’s Eye Beads: These enigmatic beads change hues with the direction of light.
Shamballa Beads: Uncover the shimmering beauty of our rainbow of Shamballa beads – and their wide-range of touted benefits.
Star Beads: Is your upcoming project written in the stars?
Stone Beads: Crystal Findings semi-precious stone beads offer nearly limitless color and size selection and are consistently sized for superior project results.
Hematite Beads: Add a bit of ‘magnetism’ to your upcoming design.
Beading Tools and Supplies: Crystal Findings is your soup-to-nuts beading supplies source! Besides the vast collection of beads, we also have findings like ear wires, ear nuts, spring ring locks, lobster clasp locks, jump rings, filigree clasp locks and more

Any Size or Quantity

Whether you are ordering for a small project or stocking the shelves at your retail bead supply store, Crystal Findings has you covered, with flexible order quantities from singular to bulk bead supplies. Shop our wholesale beads and jewelry supplies today, enjoying wholesale pricing without a massive order quantity, and delivery right to your front door.
Discover why we remain the #1 choice for crafters, hobbyists, and retailers nationwide. Browse our amazing selection of beading supplies, and discover our unmatched pricing and amazing customer service. Shop Crystal Findings beading supplies online today!