7 Reasons Why We Love Sterling Silver Jewelry

7 Reasons Why We Love Sterling Silver Jewelry

Why do we love sterling silver jewelry? It’s not just the amazing selection of sterling options available. Many of the properties of silver make it different from other jewelry making materials. If you haven’t tried silver yet, or only use it a bit here and there, you may want to give it a second look. There are a number of reasons stock up on sterling silver.

Sterling Silver Is Ideal for Those with Sensitive Skin

Almost anyone can wear sterling silver jewelry without having an allergic reaction because sterling silver does not contain nickel or lead – two leading causes of skin reactions. It takes only a small amount of these common allergens in jewelry to cause a rash. Creating jewelry without them not only protects the wearer from an unsightly and uncomfortable rash, but it also protects you from liability.

Sterling Silver is an Affordable Precious Metal

While gold and platinum are beautiful, in today’s uncertain economic times, people still want to enjoy beautiful jewelry without making a major investment. Sterling silver is an extremely affordable precious metal. This brilliant metal makes it possible to construct beautiful, lasting, affordable jewelry pieces that come in at a fraction of comparable platinum and gold options. For this reason, oftentimes people buy more, expanding their collection.

Sterling Silver is Low Maintenance

Sterling silver, such as the kind used in Bali beads, is easy to maintain in an airtight box, requiring only the occasional swab with a silver polishing cloth. If maintenance gets away from you, cleaning silver with aluminum foil is a fast, easy trick.

Sterling Silver is Known in the Marketplace

With a universally recognized standard, sterling silver has a reputation as a luxury good alongside gold and diamonds. It doesn’t take much marketing to convince customers of the value of a beautiful sterling silver piece.

Sterling Silver Can Open the Door to New Customers

Because of its affordability, sterling silver allows you to try marketing new designs to a wider customer base. You can more easily target customers in niche markets, from dog lovers to wine aficionados and yoga enthusiasts.

Sterling Silver Allows You to Uncover Your Target Market

With sterling silver, it’s easy to split test pieces, making two of the same design. For instance, one in gold, one in silver. Do customers prefer the pricier gold or the more economical silver variation? With this hard data, you can set yourself up for future success.

Sterling Silver Can Help You Earn Repeat Business

The best customers are the ones that keep coming back for more. This type of repeat business is difficult to earn with pricier precious metals. Sterling silver, on the other hand, allows even the most budget-conscious customers to make repeat purchases and expand their jewelry collection without breaking the bank. It also allows you to create more designs than you could in gold or platinum, widening your selection.

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8 Must Know facts About Sterling Silver Beads

8 Must Know facts About Sterling Silver Beads

From fashion jewelry to faucets, there have been many significant changes in the popularity and prevalence of precious metals over the years. Few have withstood the test of time. Sterling silver is the exception, and it’s easy to see why. This affordable, durable, beautiful metal outshines competing options. What makes this the substrate of choice in the fashion and jewelry industries?

8 Must-Know Facts About Sterling Silver Beads

1. Sterling silver beads are formed from a mixture of metals.

Sterling silver is an alloy, or mixture of metals. To bear the “sterling silver” namesake, sterling silver beads and findings include a blend of 92.5% silver, as well as several other metals (or combinations of metals). The most common combination is silver and copper, though composition may vary.

2. Sterling silver is stronger than 100% pure silver.

Because silver is a soft metal, it’s prone to dents, scratches, and warping. For jewelry that sees frequent use, that won’t do. Adding copper and other metals to silver makes it harder and more durable, while still maintaining its beauty and value.

3. Sterling silver bears markings of origin and authenticity.

Assayer’s marks denote the origins of each piece of sterling silver, bearing animals and other symbols that signify the country in which each item was made. In addition to this, sterling silver pieces will also boast a number showcasing purity, usually “925,” which stands for 92.5% silver.

4. The value of sterling silver fluctuates.

Though it’s not a pure precious metal, the value of sterling silver changes based on the market price of silver due to the alloy’s high silver content.

5. Sterling silver can tarnish.

While adding copper and other metals to form sterling silver imbues strength, it also makes it more prone to tarnishing with oxygen exposure. Fortunately, you can keep sterling silver jewelry looking its best with regular cleaning with a soft microfiber cloth and nonabrasive polish.

6. Some chemicals can damage the sterling silver.

Always take off your jewelry when swimming in a chlorinated pool or cleaning with bleach, as these chemicals corrode silver. Long-term exposure to sunlight, salt water, perfume, and hairspray also accelerate corrosion. Be mindful of activities before donning your sterling silver creations.

7. Proper storage can prevent tarnishing.

Storing sterling silver jewelry in sealable polyurethane bags, or with desiccants, can prevent tarnishing from humidity and oxygen exposure.

8. Sterling silver can irritate the skin.

Fortunately, flashing with a thin layer of pure silver, plating, and other coatings can damper irritation.

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