Tips for Identifying High-Quality Cloisonne Beads

Tips for Identifying High-Quality Cloisonne Beads

The detailed, colorful enamel of Cloisonne beads can capture your attention. However, with so much movement in the design of the beads, it is easy to overlook imperfections in lesser quality supplies. How can you tell superior beads from those that aren’t as well constructed? Examining Cloisonne beads closely will give you keen insight into the quality of their design.

How Cloisonne Beads Are Made

Understanding how Cloisonne beads are made is crucial to uncovering design inconsistencies masked in low quality beading supplies. Cloisonne beads begin with a copper base, inlaid with twists of silver or gold wires, creating individual compartments. Colorful enamel is deposited between the strips and later fired in a kiln, allowing craftsmen to create beautiful, distinctive designs that resemble miniature stained-glass art. This art form dates back thousands of years, crisscrossing the globe through Egypt, China, Rome, France, Europe, and later to America. While the enameling process has improved over the years, the classic design of Cloisonne beads remains.

Tips for Identifying High-Quality Cloisonne Beads

Our beads and jewelry making supplies are some of the best available. You can tell our superior quality Cloisonne bead from competitors. The best Cloisonne beads showcase these qualities:

  • Smooth surface
    The surface of premium Cloisonne beads will be smooth, with no rough edges or protruding wires.
  • Uniform shape
    Properly made Cloisonne beads should not have any pits or high spots. Each section should be completely filled with enamel.
  • Identifiable metal content
    If you purchase Cloisonne beads made with precious metal, such as gold or silver, the metal content should be marked clearly on the beads. The metal inlays used in Cloisonne bead designs pair beautifully with our silver and gold-filled beads and findings.

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Wearable Works of Art

Cloisonne beads should be cared for like the art they are. When they’re not being worn, they should be stored in small bags to guard the enamel against scratches. They must also be cleaned carefully with a soft, lint-free cloth and minimal water to prevent liquids from being absorbed into small holes that may be in the body of the beads. Never use harsh cleaners or ultrasonic jewelry cleaners, which can damage the surface of the beads.

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Cloisonne Beads: Ever Wonder What They Are Made Of?

Cloisonne Beads: Ever Wonder What They Are Made Of?

If you’re a jewelry making enthusiast or entrepreneur, chances are you’ve added Cloisonne beads in your jewelry making supplies kit. These beads have been popular for centuries across the globe and continue to be a favorite today. What are these time-tested beads made of?

Cloisonne Beads Have a Unique Composition

Cloisonne beads are made of a base metal of copper, featuring twists of wires that allow crafters to create distinctive designs. Enamel is deposited into the thin strips between the wires. Craftsmen add to the beauty of the beads by enameling colorful surface design to the various bead shapes they’ve created like tiny stained-glass art. Each section of the structure holds colorful enamel. The finished product is fired in a kiln, bringing the art to life. Every piece is unique.

The Long History of Cloisonne Beads

The process of making Cloisonne beads stretches back to the Egyptians, crisscrossing the globe through Rome, China, France, Europe, and America. Chinese craftsman furthered the art, improving the enameling process with their casting, glass production, and glazing skills. These beads, which double as art, continue to be coveted in jewelry designs for their unique beauty.

These beads should be cared for like art. Storing them in bags protects the enamel against scratches. When cleaning is necessary, they should not be soaked, as small holes in the body of the beads could absorb fluids. Use only water and a soft, lint-free cloth. Avoid abrasive and harsh cleaners, as well as ultrasonic jewelry cleaners, which can damage the surface of the beads.

Popular Cloisonne Bead Applications

The detailing of Cloisonne beads pairs wonderfully with gold-filled beads and findings. They work well in many jewelry designs, from beaded necklaces and bracelets to rosaries and pendants, rings, earrings, and pins.

Tips for Identifying High-Quality Cloisonne Beads

When shopping for Cloisonne beads, look for carefully constructed beads with a smooth surface, free of protruding wires. Beads should be uniformly shaped, each section filled with enamel. No divots or bulges should be present. Beads crafted with precious metals, such as our copper constructed Cloisonne beads, offer superior quality. These top-quality beads often advertise their precious metal content.

Crystal Findings Offers Cloisonne Bead in a Wide Variety of Styles

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Cloisonne beads 101: Everything You Need to Know is Here

Cloisonne beads 101: Everything You Need to Know is Here

Have you recently fallen in love with Cloisonné beads? We’ve got all the information you want to know about Cloisonné designs. These intricately detailed, elegant beads have a long and storied past and continue to remain popular today. Several well-known artists specialize in Cloisonné jewelry designs. Should you add it to your repertoire?

The Anatomy of Cloisonné Design

Cloisonné is French for partitioned or compartmentalized, each section housing various colors of enamel-like tiny stained-glass art. Enamel is applied and fired within raised portions of soldered wires, similar to a filigree. The fine detailing housed within traditional Cloisonné designs showcasing patterns of flowers or other elaborate art. Artistic and colorful, these unique beads are perfect for use in a variety of jewelry designs, each individual bauble showcasing a distinctive beauty.

History of Cloisonné Beads

The cloisonné technique is believed to date back to Egypt around 1800 BC when gold ornaments were inlaid with small pieces of gemstones. Later, as it spread throughout Europe, goldsmiths and glass workers substituted colored glass for precious stones. In the 14th century, the Chinese improved the technology, using their casting, glass production and glazing skills to improve the enameling process. Cloisonné jewelry designs became popular in America much later, in the mid-1800s, and continues to be admired for its unique beauty

Popular Applications

The lovely gold detailing of Cloisonné beads pairs beautifully with gold-filled beads and findings and makes them suitable for a variety of jewelry designs, such as:

  • Beaded necklaces and bracelets
  • Pendants
  • Bangle and cuff bracelets
  • Earrings
  • Pins
  • Rings

Shopping for Cloisonné Beads

When selecting Cloisonné beads for your upcoming project, look for premium beads with a smooth surface, free of rough edges or protruding wires. Each section should be filled with enamel, featuring a uniform appearance with no divots or high spots. Look for beads crafted with precious metals, such as copper, that advertise their content.

Cloisonné Wear and Care

Cloisonné jewelry looks spectacular when showcased against simple swaths of dark colors, which allow the precious metals in the beads to shine. Wear Cloisonné jewelry alone or pair with a simple metal chain or bracelets. Don’t overdo it, avoiding busy fabric patterns, or overcrowding the beads with too many accessories.

When you’re not wearing Cloisonné designs, store them in jewelry bags to keep them free from scratches. If jewelry becomes dirty, do not soak the beads, as small holes in the design could absorb liquid. You should also avoid chemical and abrasive cleaners that can etch the glass, and ultrasonic jewelry cleaners. Instead, simply polish jewelry with plain water and soft, lint-free cloth.

Cloisonné Bead Styles

Crystal Findings offers an extensive selection of Cloisonné bead styles, including round, flat round, oval, tube, and heart shapes, as well as clasp cloisonné beads and fancy drop bead designs. Shop our affordably priced Cloisonné beads options, uncovering the beauty of Cloisonné in your next beading project today.